Our Specialties



Diet Play a Measure Role in Development of Children. We at Gurukul Consult and maintain Ideal Diet per Child.



Intellectual Activities, Amazing experiences and Sports are helpful for Development of brain. At this Learning Age, Every Experience Counts!



Habits are Important for Future Success. Considering this, Here at Gurukul, we Implant many great habits, and Culture their MINDS



Music Improves Learning Capacity. It adds joy in Learning. We enhance the learning Experience of Children Using this this tool.



Learning is Actually NOT an Classroom Activity. Knowing this Fact we arrange 52 Trips per Year!! One trip per Week!



Our Teachers and staff members are experts in Child Psychology. They know how to get effective Output with Your Child.






At Glance


Encouraging Sports & Fitness

We Encourage Children to take up a hobby or sport that they will enjoy and allow them to let loose and have fun.

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Practicing Healthy Eating Habits

Kids enjoy meals in group. We help parents to choose healthy meals for kids. We have Fixed menus for each day of the week.

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Learning through Shapes, Objects!

We teach Kids through touch & feel of Shapes, Numbers. and Alphabets. Kids store

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Play Activities that Strengthen!

Every day we make the Kids perform such ground activities that strengthen their bones & muscles making them stronger.

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Play is Work for Preschoolers

Children are playful by nature. Their earliest experiences exploring with their senses lead them to play, first by themselves and eventually with others. They call it their work, When they’re learning and playing with joy, then it’s a positive experience. They develop a positive approach to learning.

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Play helps kids to understand their world

Play is how children begin to understand their world. Children develop socialization skills by playing with other children. Play helps children learn to solve problems in an environment that is supportive to this process. Children also develop the critical.

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Why Kids Need to Play much?

Kids need to burn at-least 14,000 to 16,000 calories per day. Our Play-Way method ensures that kids burn enough. We have an artificial water pool for kids to beat summer heat.

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Encouraging to Curious Generation

Today’s generation Curiosity has no bounds. They like to explore, wonder and wish to try out everything that seems new to their knowledge of things. At such times mostly inexperienced or first time parents can go mad at things and find great trouble managing their toddlers. But Relax, this has become very common nowadays due to our modernized & highly civilized ...

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Adventurous activities for kids

A beautiful adventure park which has see-saw, slide, round-abouts, etc. Teachers also enjoying with the kids during adventurous activities.

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Our Features

Audio Visual Learning Rooms

Learning rooms are designed to enhance the learning of basic concepts (like size, colors, shapes, numbers, And counting), skills, themes or topics.

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Self Contained Class Rooms

Self-contained rooms in which students engage in independent and self-directed learning activities. We have Ball and Sand Room for kids to unleash their imagination.

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Room of Boards

Kids love writing & drawing on walls but at home this can spoil the interiors. That is why we have a special Room of  boards for kids where they can enjoy the freedom of writing on walls.

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Overcoming Stage Phobia

Kids are taught from beginning to hold the Microphone and talk to their friends standing from the stage. This has developed incredible stage courage in kids and has helped them to overcome Stage Phobia. This helps to develop their public oratory skills through which they can become great public speakers.

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Ball Games & Kids

The nature of children is like Balls, they never rest at one place. They keep on rolling to places for exploring things. We have lot of Ball Games at Gurukul Plus for the same reason. We believe in the philosophy that Kids can be taught a lot of things through Balls. So you will always find a lot of Ball Games.

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We are a 365 Days School!

Yes We don’t like to take off’s. We are the only school that is open 365 Days a Year without a break! Only on very rarest of the rare cases or when it is unavoidable we enjoy a holiday. Children do not attend the school only when they are not well or when there is a genuine reason for a day off.

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आमच्या अनुभवातून आम्ही सांगू इच्छितो कि, अशी शाळा भारतात कुटेही नसावी. हि अतिशोक्ती नसून सत्य आहे. त्या मुले आम्ही खरच खूप खुश आहोत. कि अशी शाळा आमच्या मुलीला मिळाली. धन्यवाद गुरुकुल.
श्री व सौ. चव्हाण
आम्ही फार खुश आहोत कि, आमचा मुलगा गुरुकुल शाळेत टाकल्या नंतर तो खूप हुशार व बोलका झाला. शाळेत होणार्या वेगवेगळ्या activity तो घरी येऊन सारखा सांगत असतो या झालेल्या अमुलाग्रह बदला मुले आम्ही खूप खुश आहोत.
श्री व सौ. हरणे
जीवनात आपल्याला खरा मानव व यशस्वी व्हायचे असेन तर नक्की गुरुकुल स्कूलच हवे.
श्री व सौ. मगरे
We had heard about natural education and play way method a lot. But on ground it was nowhere so we were doubtful about the concept. But on ground gurukul really running this concept. We are very happy for miraculous changes in our child.
Mr. & Mrs. Pawar
In gurukul, learning is implementing by true wisdom and care. We are speechless to explain about gurukul. ‘ आमच्या अतुल्य बाळाची अतुलनीय शाळा.’ Gurukul giving direct access to our son to use his knowledge in his life.
Mr. & Mrs. Pandit
We got very positive & effective changes in behavior of our child. We are very happy with gurukul;s projects. By our idea long from of gurukul School. G- guaranteed U- understanding R-rational U-Useful K-kind U-unique L- learning
Mr.& Mrs. Bangale
In gurukul school. Our child get educational development as well as physical. It is very healthful for overall development our child. We really thankful to gurukul and teachers. They are really doing very hard work for development of child. In every aspect of education. I can see a good & Brightest future of our child. Thank you Gurukul.
– Mr. & Mrs. Lokhande
We are very grateful to gurukul school. Because gurukul school not only qualifying them but also highly educating. We are really really so Happy.
Mr. & Mrs. Shejul
Gurukuls school’s education system is very diffrant. Our kids are developing not only mentally but aloso physically.This is very nice system for their future. In this school they are teaching in complete play way method. This is the unique feature of this school. We have enrolled our child in this school very deliberately.
Mr.& Mrs Shelke
Gurukul school has different concept in education sector. We are very happy with the system of education.
Mr. & Mrs. Kolte
Whatever school had committed to us while admitting our child, has been fulfilled by the school too early. We are really very happy.
Mr. & Mrs. Dande


Gurukul Plus Premises has around 16,000 sq.ft of area which includes a Huge Continuous lush green Lawn for Kids Play, Physical Exercise and various other activities. The lawn is regularly maintained by the school administration so that kids can Jump, Roll, Sleep over the Lawns without getting any injuries.

Our Activities